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Todd's childhood home & first project (helping dad)
in Helena's Historic Mansion District
Todd's Biography
Todd Remington is a nationally recognized architect based in Golden Colorado. For over 30 years he has specialized in traditional architecture and building arts, creating a unique blend of timeless design with today's changing technology and living patterns.

Considered an expert in residential and recreation projects of all kinds, Todd has gained considerable experience in remodeling, historic renovation and new construction. He is often commissioned for unique, complicated or "one of a kind" projects requiring great care and research. However, Todd also applies his hard gained expertise in traditional architecture to small remodels, affordable new homes and developer projects. No project is too big or small.

Called a “research oriented practitioner", Todd conducts award winning studies and has earned membership in the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society for Distinguished Scholarship. His research focuses on traditional building patterns and meaning in architecture. Research he puts into practice every day for his clients. Todd has also taught at the University of Minnesota and the University of Colorado.

Receiving numerous awards, Todd Remington projects are featured in many publications. For a complete list see Todd's recognition page.