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Todd's childhood home & first project (helping dad)
in Helena's Historic Mansion District
What others say about Todd
"Architecture has always danced a line between art and pragmatism, providing necessary shelter while occasionally transcending commerce to become art. As such architecture is the most powerful and influential of all art forms as it shapes our lives in innumerable ways. We can gain a sense of place through architecture.”
Eric Kudalis: Editor of Architecture Minnesota (Excerpt from an article about Todd Remington)

“Good design is not arbitrary; never has been, never will be. Good Design doesn’t have extra parts. Even in something that’s immensely complex or purposely enigmatic, each piece is there to create an impression, an end”
Carol Ross Barney, FAIA (Commenting an award winning Todd Remington design)

"Among the fundamentals that hold good design together are context, function, craftsmanship, proportion, and the ability to evoke response. There is an old word I like: appropriateness. There are ways to design things that are opulent, grand and functional without being showy."
Robert John Dean, FASID former president of the American Society of Interior Designers. (Commenting an award winning Todd Remington design)

“This ingenious remodel which added a mere 384 square feet of living space, opened the most important rooms to the view and, in the process, turned the former wallflower into a neo-Prairie School knockout. . . The end product of the $105,000 remodel is a house to delight neighbors as well as owners. We only hope they don’t mind the tour buses stopping out front.”
Ann Moriarty & Bruce Snider: Editors of Remodeling Magazine (Commenting a affordable Todd Remington design)

“With such a cheerful house to welcome them, the Honours (clients) have begun to gravitate to their summer home beyond the summer months. ‘That house just does something special to us when we’re there’, says Jamie, who goes back to visit nearly every month. ‘Our kids are happy. We’re happy. We kind of leave the rat race behind.’”
The Editors at Better Homes and Gardens (Excerpt from an article about Todd Remington)

“One of this magazine’s primary goals is to feature Minnesota’s best new architecture. We often ask ourselves before publishing a new project: Does this building establish a meaningful place? This issue of Architecture Minnesota is no different as we look at the work Minnesota Architects are doing beyond the state border. All the featured projects are about place-making, creating architectural environments that are meaningful to the client and user. . . For our cover story on a western Wisconsin farmstead, the focus was on creating a meaningful place in the country for a Twin Cities family.”
Eric Kudalis: Editor of Architecture Minnesota (Excerpt from an article about Todd Remington)

“Not only can a home be efficient and well constructed, it can also be very beautiful and well designed.”
Sam Rashkin, EPA’s National Director for the Energy Star (Comment after touring a Todd Remington Energy Star home).