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Why Traditional Design Matters

Todd Remington believes traditional design is more human & comfortable!

Todd's Design Philosophy
Good design addresses each client's real needs and local conditions, not the designer's ego. So Todd doesn't advocate for any specific style. Instead he searches for timeless character. Each project is approached as individual and special.

Although Todd doesn't work in one preferred style, he argues traditional design matters. Through research and practice, he's found that traditional architecture meets a client's needs and the demands of local climates better than modern design.

With the client's best interests in mind, Todd has developed a unique process. An efficient and cost effective approach which interactively involves each client in the design process. And helps ensure the client's real needs are addressed.

No project is completed by an architect and client alone. That's why Todd strongly advocates for a team oriented approach. Todd promotes a team atmosphere with designers, engineers and builders to ensure a close working relationship with the client. In the end, that's how a great traditional project is realized.

If you agree with Todd's philosophy, consider hiring him for your architectural project. Given his combination of experience and low overhead, Todd provides reasonably priced services for any sized project or budget.