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• Todd's Related Activities: Teaching, Research etc.

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Todd's childhood home & first project (helping dad)
in Helena's Historic Mansion District
Todd's Related Activities
Todd Remington is involved in other areas of architecture including, teaching, writing, research and consulting. Below is a selection of these activities.

Faculty Positions
University of Colorado  
• Senior architecture design studio

University of Minnesota
• Senior architecture design studio
• Kitchen design & technology
• Old house restoration & remodeling

Community College of Denver
• Hand drafting & rendering
• CAD drafting
• Gas pipe process design

• Author - Todd is currently working on a book about his research called, The Home Instinct. To be Published in 2014.
• Author - The Frugal Architect Column for Buildwise.org. Todd is also an editor for this online research library.
• Co-Author - Additions: Designs Ideas for Great American Homes, Taunton Press 2003
• Author - Architects Should Learn to Build, in Fine Homebuilding, May 1998
• Author - Several research papers and articles. See below for details.

University of Colorado  
• A New Process for Architecture
Mass customization in architecture - for the department of Environmental Design

University of Minnesota
• Women in Architecture: why are there so few women in architecture? - explored why so few women choose architecture for a profession. In cooperation with the Department of Psychology

• A Crisis of Perception - meaning in architecture, how architects perceive buildings differently than clients and occupants

• Patterns of Chaos in Architecture - how Euclidean geometry and linear mathematics don't tell the whole story about architecture. In cooperation with the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Montana State University
• Vernacular and traditional building patterns in historic american downtowns

Metropolitan Design Center (MDC)
A design oriented think tank founded by the Dayton Hudson Foundation

• Researched sustainable building patterns for inner ring suburbs - a McKnight Foundatio n funded project

City of Boulder Colorado
Coached housing inspectors on various affordable housing related issues

City of Richfield Minnesota

Helped the city develop new mixed use zoning rules and strategies

City of Stillwater Minnesota
Worked with the oldest town in Minnesota on historic preservation issues and projects

Mineral Springs in Cannon Falls Minnesota
Worked the the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to develop a Wild & Scenic nature preserve that was also a housing community

Blue Spruce Village in Estes Park Colorado
Consulted the homeowner's association regardomg builders practices

Denver Homebuilders Association
Taught professional development seminars in energy efficiency & sustainable building practices