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Todd Remington's process uncovers what's really important to his clients
Todd's Unique Process
Providing a quality project, on time and on budget is complicated. Todd's unique process is designed to achieve these goals. Below is a short outline of his unique process:

Information Gathering
Collecting information about the owner's wishes and local conditions. Site plan investigation, local zoning and building codes.

Schematic Design Ideas
Generating several design ideas that meet client's needs and local conditions. A range of ideas beginning with least expensive & most efficient.

Final Schematic Design
Ideas are compared and contrasted. Favorite features are assimilated into a final - best schematic design.

Ballpark Pricing
Todd doesn't like to proceed beyond schematic design without a builder or two providing ballpark pricing. Once a preferred design meets an accepted budget the clients can then proceed in confidence.

Choosing a team
This is when additional team members are brought into the process. Perhaps the builder has been chosen through the ballpark pricing. If an interior designer isn't on board yet, now is the time. Also good to bring in a structural engineer and other specialists as required.

Design Development
Any big picture design items still up in the air should be developed further at this time.

Construction Drawings
Final construction drawings for permits and actual construction are drawn up.

Final Bidding
The preferred builder or builders bid the project based on the final construction drawings. This provides a good double check on pricing and allows a detailed construction contract to be signed.

Construction Observations
Todd often stays involved with the project through construction. But the needs and complexity of the project determine how involved the clients need him to be.